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Junk Removal Services Can’t Dispose of Certain Items

You may have found yourself in the situation of needing to dispose of an old appliance in San Diego or a piece of furniture, but you didn't know how. There are some items that can't be thrown out by a junk removal company like SD JunkPros. Many hazardous materials are not disposed of by junk…

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A Guide To Window Tinting For High-End Luxury Cars

San Diego, CA — AMB Auto Glass and Window Tint is a leading automotive window tinting company in the area. They have released a guide on window tinting specifically designed for luxury car owners. Window tinting can be a great way to improve the look of a luxury vehicle while also providing privacy and protection. It is…

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What is a Finance Lease?

A Finance Lease is a form of leased agreement. While the finance company remains the legal owner of the underlying asset, the Lessee retains operational control of the asset, shares the economic risks, and receives returns from changes in the underlying asset's value. In addition, the Lessee typically enjoys tax benefits and can use the…

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